About Gotu Kola Studio


Gotu Kola Studio is a creative design agency based out of Vancouver BC.

We use data-driven growth hacking, and authority marketing to boost traffic, and brand awareness.

Gotu Kola is also a plant… but not just any plant…

It’s a plant long respected as a cognitive enhancer. It improves the quality of the decisions we make, and the speed at which our neural connections fire.

Through data-driven growth hacking, and authority content creation, we help people build their brand faster than ever before.

We believe that every business owner has an expertise in their field. They are able to apply this expertise with their work, but often lack the ability to connect this with their marketing efforts.

We aim to bridge the gap.

We leverage your expertise, and present it in a way that drives authority and interest in your brand.

Just as the gotu kola plant helps the brain make connections more effectively, we aim to make your expertise connect with your marketing and design goals more effectively.

Through video, photography, and blog writing, we aim to bring your business to the limelight.


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